Budgeting Buddies

Presented by Scott Credit Union

The Cardinals and Scott Credit Union teamed up to create Budgeting Buddies, a free financial literacy program that introduces students to the importance of making smart financial decisions.

Financial literacy means that a person not only understands important money concepts, but also has a heightened awareness of the tools available to support them on their money journey--and can apply them in real-life. Understanding money concepts and knowing what tools to use and when, help people apply their knowledge by crafting effective strategies around spending and saving, credit and debt, employment and income, investing, risk management and insurance and financial decision-making.

It is never too early to learn how to be smart with your money and Budgeting Buddies aims to help students become financial literate in a fun and engaging manner.

Budgeting Buddies Curriculum

Budgeting Buddies was developed to provide educators in elementary through high school a tool to use in their classroom when teaching financial literacy.

Budgeting Buddies – Elementary School Curriculum

The Elementary School program features a seven-part curriculum geared toward students in second through fifth grade and is written with examples that students can relate to. Lesson topics include:

  • Needs versus Wants
  • Forms of Money
  • Earning Money
  • Saving Money
  • Creating a Budget

Learn more about the Elementary School Buddies Financial Literacy Curriculum.

Budgeting Buddies – Middle and High School Curriculum

As students enter their middle school years, whether they know it or not, they have already developed a concept of money. Those cues come from adults in their lives as well as peer groups. While some students have begun to have conversations around an understanding of money while in middle school, many have not. The Middle/High School Budgeting Buddies curriculum was developed in a manner that is easily presentable to students in both middle and high school so that they can gain a better understanding of how they perceive money and why. The focus will be on group lessons with independent journaling so students can reflect on their connection with money without a need to share their thoughts or fear judgement.

Learn more about the Middle and Hig School Buddies Financial Literacy Curriculum.