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10 great crowd reactions to Anthony Rizzo's latest incredible into-the-stands catch

Facing the Milwaukee Brewers last year, Anthony Rizzo made a bobblehead-worthy catch when he went up over the tarp to make the grab. The crowd was delighted -- watching the first baseman with glee at his accomplishment and terror at the sheer skill that one man could possess. 

Facing the Brewers during a 4-1 victory on Tuesday night, Rizzo did it again -- this time leaping atop the ledge to bring back a Keon Broxton foul ball. With a new crowd in Wrigley Field, how would they react? Turns out, very similarly. Here were the 10 best reactions this time around. 

1. The Side-eye


"Yeah, yeah, I get it, you're the main attraction here. But buddy, lemme tell you, these are my seats. Mine. And if anyone is getting the ball, it's gonna be me." 

2. The only guy watching something else


If this was a horror film, this would be the dude yelling "Guys! Guys! Guys, you might want to -- guys there's a cross dimensional monster crawling its way out of the ceiling right now, so I THINK YOU SHOULD STOP PLAYING TWISTER THIS SECOND AND LET'S GO!" 

3. "My Spidey Sense is tingling"


It's either that or this guy thinks something so cool is going to happen, his hair is going to be blown off his head. 

4. The puppeteer


50/50 chance that this guy is either a cosmic puppeteer, pulling the strings for all on-field actions ... or he's trying to scare off bears.

5. King of the scrum


"Ahaha!" this man seems to be saying. "Gaze upon me in my time of glory. For I, and only I, shall hold court above the rest of these ballhawking philistines." 

6. Straight up: Martin Starr


Can anyone prove it's not television and film actor, Martin Starr? 

7. The weatherman


"Yep, looks like rain. I knew it. I told Martha today, too. I said, Martha, I can feel it in my knee. You know my knee gets cranky when rain's a-comin'. Well, here it is." 

8. Sunglasses at night


I'm not sure if she had these on before -- fully expecting something like this to happen -- or if she flipped them down after the catch as if to say, "I ... think I'm gonna like it here." 

9. The Turn Around Brighteyes


With every single other fan going one direction, this guy forged his own path. Sadly, it was the wrong one. 

10. The Golf Clap


The catch has just been made and all kinds of bedlam is about to break out, and yet here's this guy -- the same one who was side-eying Rizzo just moments before -- ready to just begin politely clapping ... while standing roughly one foot away from Rizzo himself. Maybe he felt bad for his original behavior.