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Three members of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team are now Hall of Famers

On Wednesday evening, Ken Griffey Jr. broke a Hall of Fame record and punched his ticket to Cooperstown with 99.3% of ballots. The question on everyone's mind now is, of course, which cap will he wear on his HOF plaque? The Mariners? The Reds? Or will he surprise us all and go for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team?
As you may remember from the "Simpsons" episode, "Homer at the Bat," Mr. Burns really, really wanted to beat the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant's team, so he brought in some guys to help bolster his lineup, including Hall of Famers Ozzie Smith, Wade Boggs and now, Ken Griffey Jr. Here's a team picture from those halcyon days:

Oh, you might not recognize The Kid in that picture, because right before the big game, he had a slight misfortune and ended up looking not so Kid-like:

But you know who will never forget those days? Junior's teammate, Jose Canseco:

Griffey's fellow 2016 electee, Mike Piazza, was not on Springfield's softball team, but he did make his own television appearance on a different show that apparently also predicts HOFers. Along with Frank Thomas, Dave Winfield and Joe Morgan, Piazza appeared on an episode of "Married … With Children" called "A Man for No Seasons."  
Oh, and he's also apparently best friends with ALF: