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#30Fieldsin30Days: Petco Park

What's more perfect than a day at the ballpark? 30 perfect days at 30 ballparks. 30 Fields in 30 Days is here to show off the can't-miss spots at each and every Major League stadium. Join us, then plan out an unforgettable day at your favorite park.
First things first -- who doesn't want to spend time outside in San Diego?
That's what we thought. With Petco Park, the Padres dropped a baseball stadium seamlessly into the heart of downtown San Diego.
Featuring views of the city skyline and San Diego Bay, Petco Park is a native of the always sunny Southern California city, through and through. It incorporates the Western Metal Supply Co. building, and features a park within the park -- for those who want to fully enjoy the trademark San Diego weather.
-Swinging Friar: The Padres mascot is a distinct nod to the American Southwest, and its roots run all the way back to the Pacific Coast League team that called San Diego home before the big league club was conceived.