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Watch this dad make a great catch while holding his daughter in his other arm

Out in the real world, we're often forced to make decisions so quickly that there isn't time to weigh all the implications. In those situations, all we can do is our best and hope everything works out alright.
During the second inning of Sunday's Indians-Mariners game, Kyle Seager lined a foul ball into the left-field stands, forcing a fan to make a split-second decision. Fortunately, he brought his glove to the game for just this occasion. Even though he was holding his daughter in his non-glove hand, he still was able to reach out and make the grab:

While this sort of maneuver falls firmly under the category of "don't try this at home," this fan deserves credit where it's due: He made a difficult catch looks smooth and easy. Just to be safe, it might not be a great idea to try that again, though.