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Follow Hunter and Lexi Pence around for a day, leading up to a game in San Francisco

If you're like us, you're probably curious what it's like to spend a day with Hunter Pence and his wife, Lexi. You know plenty about Pence on the diamond and all of his antics, but what about the man himself? And what type of hobbies do he and Lexi enjoy in their spare time?
OK, maybe you know a lot about that too -- he and Alexis are devoted Game of Thrones enthusiasts, even putting together episode recaps with members of opposing teams. But what about everything else?
In the clip atop this post, you can spend a full day with the Pences, as filmed last week with the Giants hosting the rival Dodgers at AT&T Park. Some important takeaways from their day:
1. Hunter starts every day sipping a concoction of apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, and water. Sounds ... delicious? 
2. Just like you and me, Hunter sometimes runs into difficulty grinding up coffee beans. Spills happen.
3. Their living room contains vintage 1990s video game systems and a "Harry Potter corner." 
4. Lexi is very active on social media while at the ballpark watching Hunter and his teammates take on the opposition.
5. You should really watch the video atop this post for the full story of Hunter and Lexi Pence, IRL.