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A very good dog helped the A's grounds crew by riding on the cart

Dogs are cute in pretty much every situation, but they're perhaps at their cutest when they come along for a ride in the car. Whether curled up and sleeping in the back seat or taking in the breeze with their heads out the window, there's something about a car ride that brings out the very cutest in a dog.
Prior to Tuesday night's game between the Blue Jays and A's, fans were treated to that cuteness in action as a dog helped the grounds crew prepare the field. How did she help, exactly? By coming along for the ride and providing company along the way:

This isn't the first time Reba has helped out the grounds crew:

While Reba may not have actually done any physical labor to prepare the field this time around, her presence undoubtedly helped the humans do their jobs with smiles on their faces.