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A fan showed up to the Japan All-Star Series in full Kenta Maeda uniform

Baseball uniforms often look ridiculous when worn by non-baseball players. They're a huge deviation from typical street clothes and usually fit the non-athlete body in unflattering ways. So, it demands our attention when a fan pulls off the look with perfection.

That's just what happened prior to Tuesday's Japan All-Star Series game. During batting practice, hitters were amused to see a fan dressed as MLB All-Stars starter Kenta Maeda in full Dodgers uniform -- complete with identical facial hair -- taking in the action from the stands. The resemblance was uncanny:


With this fan's support likely playing a crucial role, Maeda had a successful start for the MLB All-Stars, striking out two in two shutout innings. 

This fan clearly has the Maeda wardrobe down, so we wonder how good an impression of Maeda's windup and pitching he could pull off. If he can look good in a baseball uniform, there's good reason to believe he could pass the eye test on the mound as well.