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A Giants catcher caused a delay by running back to his post during play

It isn't totally uncommon for a game to be delayed by something entering the field during play. Animals such as bees or cats, or products of weather such as rain or hail can cause a stoppage of play. Rarely is that delay caused by a member of one of the teams running onto the field.
During the sixth inning of Wednesday's game against the Mets, a Giants bullpen catcher really had to get back to his position quickly. With the bases loaded and one out, maybe he needed to catch some warmup pitches. Whatever the reason, he needed to be there so quickly that not even the presence of an ongoing at-bat would get in his way.

Announcers were confused and even Asdrúbal Cabrera -- who caused an odd delay of his own in Spring Training -- was visibly caught off guard. Importantly, though, the delay was brief and play resumed quickly.