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A.J. Reed pulls off the very rare police officer-fleeing-with-a-stool collision

When no one gets hurt, collisions are fun. They're reminders that, yeah, these Major League ballplayers may be the most coordinated humans on the planet, but even they bump into people sometimes. So while two players running into each other are rare, a player running straight into stadium security is a bit more unexpected. 
During the Blue Jays' 4-2 victory over the Astros on Saturday afternoon, Josh Donaldson hit a popup down the right field line. While the police officer was right to grab her stool and get out of the way, she made one very crucial mistake: she picked the wrong direction and A.J. Reed ran straight into her. You won't find much better tackles in a football game:

Fortunately, everyone was OK and the officer was able to smile about the play afterward. The mistake wouldn't haunt the Astros, either, as Donaldson went on to strikeout.