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This tee-ball player taking Edwin Encarnacion's parrot for a stroll around the bases will brighten your day

While many players flip or dramatically drop their bats after hitting a home run, not many players have distinctive home run trots. Indians designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion is one of the rare players to put his own spin on a home run trot. You can probably see him in your mind right now, rounding the bases with his right arm held up as a parrot perch.
To be the best, you have to emulate the best. So, it's only fitting that this future slugger used Encarnacion as a model for his own home run trot:

Sure, he didn't get into the ball the way Edwing can, but it looks like he's well on his way. At the very least, he's already got his home run trot down for when he does smack one over the fence.
Before that, though, he should probably get himself a parrot.