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Watch Todd Frazier parrot Edwin Encarnacion's home run trot

On the whole, home run trots are relatively innocuous. A player hits the ball pretty far then runs around the bases, unobstructed, at something like 70 percent effort. There are so few signature home run trots in baseball that it is easy enough to keep track of them all. Among those select few engrained in our collective memory is Edwin Encarnacion's parrot perch. It looks a little something like this.
After hitting a home run In the fifth inning of Tuesday afternoon's game against Encarnacion's Indians, White Sox third baseman Todd Frazier brought out a perch of his own.

The discerning reader may immediately notice some key differences between Frazier and Encarnacion. Frazier raises his left arm as a potential aviary platform, while Encarnacion uses his right. It is also clear that Frazier's arm doesn't quite approach the right angle of Encarnacion's.
Though the similarities in these two home run trots are striking and likely intentional, their differences demand that we consider that perhaps Frazier's luggage is of a different breed -- a hawk, perhaps. No other Hawk, in fact, than White Sox television broadcaster Hawk Harrelson.