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Fall in love with Todd Frazier, Lucas Giolito and Carlos Rodon as they answer kids questions

Chances are you already love Todd Frazier -- for his dingers or WWE-style promos -- while prospect mavens have been slobbering over Lucas Giolito's fastball and Carlos Rodon's slider for years. 
But, if for some reason you haven't fallen madly in love with this trio, just watch the above video as they answer questions from young White Sox fans at SoxFest. 
They covered plenty of subjects, like Little League (Rodon said to "Always run to that position and always run back in), favorite TV shows (Giolito's is "Game of Thrones," but admitted that "you guys should probably get a little older before you start watching that one,") and what they would name the team if it wasn't White Sox. 
It's Frazier who steals the limelight, though, as he revealed his favorite Taylor Swift song ("22"), his worst baseball experience (committing six errors in one game) and, most importantly, all the things he's scared of. Despite standing at 6-foot-3 and 220 lbs, it's "A lot of things. Snakes, spiders, ghosts. The list is endless. Lions." Later, as the trio discusses their favorite animals, Frazier tosses in, "I'm afraid of almost all of them." 
Watch the whole video above and find yourself drawn in.