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A Padres ballgirl made a catch so great that even Eduardo Escobar was stunned

One can imagine that it's not particularly easy for a non-baseball player to impress a Major Leaguer with her athleticism and talent on the diamond. They've seen a lot of baseball played by a lot of talented players, so there's a high bar to clear to impress them.
Even so, a Padres ballgirl managed to impress Twins shortstop Eduardo Escobar with her quick reactions, leaping ability and glove work in the 7th inning of Tuesday's 3-0 Padres win.

While her colleague sat, this ballgirl got up and active. While she simply went about her business of giving the foul ball to a lucky fan, Escobar needed just a little more time to marvel at the great play he just witnessed.

Sometimes that's all you can do when witnessing something spectacular: Just let your jaw drop and take it in.