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A-Rod casually left the broadcast booth to go have a catch with Astros' J.D. Davis

Alex Rodriguez may have retired from professional baseball in 2016, but the joy of picking up a glove and tossing a baseball around with somebody else never leaves. And during ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball game between the Red Sox and Astros, broadcaster A-Rod -- who was seated up in the Crawford Boxes for the matchup -- got that inkling to have a catch. 
At first, nobody cared that he was up there. Who is that guy waving his hands around? Is he in trouble? Does he need help?

Then finally, at the end of the video, J.D. Davis threw a few long tosses with the former MVP:

Very nice of J.D.
After his game of catch, A-Rod needed some energy to finish off the broadcast -- so he went ahead and ate all of J-Lo's ice cream. That's not very nice, A-Rod.