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Alex Rodriguez went on The Tonight Show to talk about dating J-Lo and play egg Russian roulette

Alex Rodriguez may have been famous during his playing career, but since retiring, opening A-Rod Corp and dating Jennifer Lopez, his Q Rating has skyrocketed. That led to the former infielder appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday night. 
First, the pair hung out backstage where A-Rod couldn't get enough of Fallon's fake mustache: 

And when the show started, he dished on his relationship. Turns out, when you date a famous actress/musician/TV host/fashion designer, you end up playing second fiddle -- no matter how many dingers you hit in your old day job: 

The two then played "Egg Russian Roulette" where, well, this explains all: 

If only Rodriguez was a pitcher, we could say he was putting up goose eggs.