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Liam Hendriks barely reacted to the A's ballboy's dive and non-catch on a foul right in front of him

At the Oakland Coliseum, the bullpens sit along the left- and right-field lines. They aren't tucked away beyond the outfield fence or in any kind of underground facility.
As a result, pitchers sit out in the open, under the overhang on top of the bullpen area. Perched in their spot, they get a front-row vantage point for sharp line drives in the range of nearby ballboys. 
Early in the A's 3-2 win over the Red Sox on Friday night, Rajai Davis smashed a line drive down toward the left-field bullpen area. Oakland's ballboy, though, was ready for it ... or so he thought. Despite a quick reaction and a very strong effort, he didn't come up with the ball:

Look again at the scene above. See that pitcher on the end, ducking for cover? He's just doing what most of us would do in that situation. Most of us, that is, except Liam Hendriks -- who just sat there, unmoving, despite a fan's glove invading his personal space and the impending threat of a line drive headed right toward him: 

That's confidence.
As seen in the full highlight atop this post, the A's bullpen gave the ballboy some definite grief for his misplay -- reminding us all once again that Major League bullpens can be tough critics