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The A's and Cubs didn't just wear throwback unis, they put on an entire throwback broadcast

During its 4-0 loss to the Cubs on Saturday, Oakland turned back to the clock at the Coliseum to honor the 1981 A's. But this couldn't be just any throwback. The '81 squad, after all, wasn't just any team: Thanks to a stellar rotation anchored by Rick Langford and Steve McCatty, Oakland rode "Billyball" (inspired by second-year manager Billy Martin) to a 17-1 start and an eventual trip to the ALCS -- just two years after losing 108 games.
So the A's decided to up the ante. Sure, there were the obligatory green-and-gold throwback unis, wonderful as always:

But then the team got weird -- what if we could throw back more than just fashion? What if we could throw back everything? Sit back, relax and let Comcast SportsNet California transport you to that faraway land known as the early '80s:

Yes, seriously: the entire broadcast, brought to you just as it would have been in 1981. There were retro box scores. Retro highlights. Even a gloriously retro introduction:

And, of course, a retro broadcast booth: