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A's rookie dress-up day included Power Rangers, Marvin the Martian and Matt Olson as Babe Ruth

The A's finished the home portion of their 2017 schedule with a walk-off 6-5 win over the Mariners on Thursday -- which meant it was time for the annual tradition known as rookie dress-up day.
As anybody who's seen some of the great dress-up days in recent memory can attest, the best or most inspired are the ones that cater to a player's name or accomplishments on the field. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that rookie slugger Matt Olson was given a Babe Ruth costume this time around for a photo-op with third baseman Matt Chapman:

This is doubly perfect considering Olson's prodigious home run rate of the past few weeks. Before a season-ending hamstring injury earlier this week, he was on some power streak:

And here's Michael Brady as Marvin the Martian:

Remember Blades of Glory, starring Jon Heder and Will Ferrell? The A's do:

Dragon Ball-Z, the Power Rangers and a judge also showed up:

And kudos to this group for being good sports in what look like particularly uncomfortable Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costumes:

It all made for a fantastic (and very eclectic) group photo before it was time to actually board the plane: