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An A's fan dad used his kid's glove to make a leaping grab on a Coco Crisp foul

Fans making plays on foul balls is almost always noteworthy. Sometimes, they make great plays. Sometimes, they don't. Sometimes, babies are involved. Nearly every time, they put forth a commendable, if not always successful, effort.
Some come to the ballpark equipped with gloves to presumably be prepared should the moment arise. Others, perhaps members of the vocal "adults shouldn't bring gloves to the stadium" crowd, just barehand hard line drives with ease
The A's 3-2 win over the Orioles at the Coliseum on Monday night featured at least one fan who came prepared for his moment, but in a clever twist he used his kid's glove (read: much too small for his adult-sized hand) to make a rather slick grab on a Coco Crisp liner in the seventh inning: 

It must be pointed out that Crisp, too, flashed his own slick glovework during the game while manning center field: 

Back to the fan's catch: Where does this play out in the contested pro-glove or anti-glove debate? He had one, but it didn't really seem to be his. And he exhibited stellar form in making the play.
Either way, nice job, Dad!