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Meet Hannah, a U.K.-based A's fan who traveled 4,000 miles to watch them play in Houston

How passionate is your fandom? Maybe you own a few jerseys, perhaps a cap or two. You might even travel to a nearby town to catch your team on the road. 
But have you ever taken an international flight to watch your team? Hannah, an A's fan from England, did so on Friday to catch Oakland's game with the Astros at Minute Maid Park.
She even brought a customized British flag for the occasion:

... as well as the game itself: Real-Time Correspondent Rebecca George caught up with Hannah for a brief interview up by the stadium concourse, where she told her story.
View that clip at the top of this post, and caps off to her for the commitment! Traveling 4,000 miles in a single day to watch a baseball game is intense ... as is that jet lag, probably. And the A's lost the game, 3-1, but we're betting she had a great time nonetheless.