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The A's honored Ford C. Frick Award winner Bill King with a light-up 'Holy Toledo!' sign

The A's have been honoring key contributors from their past this season, something that began by christening their playing surface at the Oakland Coliseum "Rickey Henderson Field." They've added a few alumni to the broadcast crew, among them Jose Canseco, Dallas Braden and Mark Mulder, and before Friday's 7-2 loss to the Tigers the trend continued with a warm homage to Bill King. 
In December, King was named the 2016 recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award, recognizing his career broadcasting for the A's (from 1981 until his passing in 2005). Though he also spent much of his career announcing Raiders and Warriors games, too, King was known for his style behind the microphone and signature catchphrase, "Holy Toledo!," which he'd exclaim during important moments ... like this:

King's call of Scott Hatteberg's pinch-hit homer in 2002 to clinch the A's 20th consecutive win was also included in the Moneyball film, so if you've seen that movie you've heard one of his most iconic calls. 

After Friday's pregame ceremony, which you can see atop this post, King's classic phrase took up residence beyond the center-field wall for all to see, with King's longtime radio partner Ken Korach giving it its inaugural light-up:

The sign will illuminate during key moments for the A's, which doesn't sound unlike the Mets' iconic Home Run Apple. It's a fitting honor for King, who will also be posthumously honored at the Baseball Hall of Fame this summer.