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An A's hot dog vendor took a seat among some fans and kept working

You have to hand it to vendors at baseball games. If they have calorie-tracking apps or wristbands, they probably easily surpass their step count in a matter of hours, each day at the job.
That's a lot of walking, and no matter the comfort level of one's shoes, taking a break is crucial to long-term success. 
During the A's 10-2 win over the White Sox on Tuesday night -- a special anniversary game that was totally free to more than 46,000 fans -- one hot dog vendor took the initiative to take a seat during the seventh inning, sitting among A's fans. It wasn't a total break, though, considering he kept prepping a dog for his next customer: 

Yes, he put ketchup on that hot dog. If that offends your culinary tastes, well, be happy he wasn't making it for you!