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The A's installed a bird kite named Falcon McFalconface tasked with keeping seagulls away

Anybody who goes to any baseball games in the Bay Area -- whether the Oakland Coliseum or AT&T Park in San Francisco -- knows about the seagulls.
The uninvited (and very hungry) birds tend to flock to the two ballparks each afternoon or evening, aiming to snatch up any leftover snacks and unwanted items they can. And they do it in terrifying bunches, as we've seen time and time again.

In early June, team president Dave Kaval was asked by fans on Twitter about the seagull "situation," to which he made the following promise:

A few weeks later, that plan is now reality. Meet the perfectly-named Falcon McFalconface, currently on patrol up on the third deck behind home plate, around section 317. 
The bird-shaped kite was so named after an A's fan poll on Twitter, so it truly is the People's Choice. And, it has its own Twitter account, of course, complete with some A+ puns:

And another one:

Will this bird kite serve its function and bravely stand up to those pesky seagulls, who can create some absolute chaos on the field?

Time will tell, but for now ... 
Best of luck, Falcon McFalconface. We're all rooting for you.