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A sausage tripped and fell in the final stages of the Sausage Race, but can hold his head high

As long as you do your best and give your all, they say, you can hold your head high, win or lose. If that is truly the case, Sausage No. 3 -- the Italian sausage -- left Miller Park with excellent posture Tuesday night.
During the Brewers' Tuesday night loss to the Cardinals, the Miller Park Sausage Race came down to the wire with Sausage No. 3 looking to gain a step on Sausage No. 2 on the home stretch. He didn't.

Sausage No. 3 was not the first victim to a fall in a between-innings race this season. The Freeze has reduced multiple competitors to late-race stumbling.

You live and you learn. Sausage No. 3 fell in a race and, hopefully, learned to give his competitors wider berth in the late stages of a race.