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Enjoy this side-by-side view of Vlad Guerrero Sr. and Vlad Jr. hitting Olympic Stadium walk-off HRs

Donning a familiar No. 27, Blue Jays top prospect Vlad Guerrero Jr. took the field at Olympic Stadium on Monday night during an exhibition game against the Cardinals. It was a nostalgia-inducing sight for Montreal fans, who had the joy of seeing Vlad's father, Big Bad Vlad, for so many years during his Hall of Fame career. A standing ovation was in order.

Unfortunately, Guerrero grounded out in his only at-bat. 
But in Game 2 on Tuesday night, the No. 3 prospect in baseball came up in the home half of the ninth inning with two outs and the game tied at zero. Toronto broadcaster Buck Martinez called on the young Guerrero to end the game with one swing of the bat and, after taking ball one, Buck, Olympic Stadium and the entire world got just what they'd hoped for:

Just start making the movie now.

Guerrero Jr. talked to's Sean Farrell via a translator after the game.
"I'm pretty sure my father has already seen it because he was watching the game. And he'll be very proud of me after seeing what I did."
Yup, Vlad Sr., who was not actually at the game, tweeted some home-plate level video of the madness. Check it out below.

"It didn't feel like it was just the crowd here, I felt like the whole world was just pulling for me," Guerrero Jr. said. "And it just makes you feel a little bit more comfortable going out there and trying to do your best."
A great moment for dad and son -- and one that dad has some first-hand experience with. Look at this side-by-side Vladimir magic:

Pretty similar, just sub out Rondell White for Bo Bichette.