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A sunny afternoon in Florida made an adventure out of balls hit high in the air

The warm, sunny weather that is typical of Florida and Arizona during late February and early March is perfect for a variety of purposes: Playing baseball while much of the country is still defrosting from winter, getting a good base tan during interviews and even bringing animals to the ballpark.
But for all the benefits of the warm southern sun, there is one drawback. You see, sometimes the sun makes it difficult to see a baseball. During the Phillies' 4-3 win over the Twins on Monday, players learned that lesson the hard way.
The action got started in the bottom of the third inning when a simple César Hernández fly ball to center field suddenly disappeared on Zack Granite:

Just two innings later, Twins third baseman Ehire Adrianza thought a foul ball was all set to land harmlessly in the stands. It landed harmlessly ... at his feet.

Again, two innings later, in the bottom of the seventh, Sean Miller gained some empathy for the conditions his predecessor had been working under. Fortune favored Miller, as the ball bounced foul after landing in fair territory:

The sun didn't limit its shining to Clearwater, Fla., however. Across the state in Port St. Lucie, Fla., Tigers center fielder Leonys Martin also contended with the sun's peskiness as his team took on the Mets:

Spring Training is a time for players to prepare for the regular season, including baseball's odd situations. To that end, these players all got some good reps in Monday.