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Orbit tried bribing a young A's fan with Astros gear but she and her friend wouldn't have any of it

Mascots are living, breathing, costumed embodiments of teams. They exist to entertain the masses and root on their club and, as we've seen countless times with the Astros' mascot, Orbit --playfully harassing opposing teams' star players all in the name of humor and zany shenanigans
Prior to Houston's 6-0 win over the A's at Minute Maid Park on Monday night, however, Orbit met his match in the form of a young A's fan proudly sporting her green and gold. Orbit, armed with a stuffed doll of himself and some Astros paraphernalia, attempted -- and we stress attempted -- to convince the girl and her friend in pink to switch allegiances. 
It wasn't mean to be, as the pair handed Orbit nothing but embarrassment as they defiantly cast aside his offerings: 

We have to hand it to those young fans for their commitment to this bit, as neither backed down due to shyness, intimidation or the fact that a giant, fuzzy green alien wearing a baseball outfit was demanding things from them.
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