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A young Mariners fan caught a home run ball and held it up for the world to behold

When a young fan goes to a baseball game, one of their primary goals -- if not the primary goal -- is to catch a foul ball or home run. It would be nice if the home team won, but, at the end of the day, a hard-earned souvenir baseball will really send a kid home happy.
It was a young Mariners fan who caught Kyle Seager's fourth-inning home run during his team's 13-3 win over the Astros, and he took a moment to admire his new favorite possession.

When you come into possession of something special, it is very important to gaze upon it and hold it up so that others can share in the gazing. Are kids still watching Disney's "The Lion King"? Because, if so, we would suspect he learned the move from here: