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The Yankees' bullpen helped get Aaron Hicks a double

Baseball is a team sport. Sure, you're up there at the plate alone, facing a pitcher standing solo on the mound, and it's a little mano a mano, but there are 25 of you on a roster during a regular season and even more during Spring Training. So, there's no reason why your teammates can't help you hit a double.
Aaron Hicks, who was facing the Mets and Jacob deGromon Wednesday, knows this. During his at-bat in the third inning, he knocked a pitch down the right-field line and let the chaos of his scattering teammates in the bullpen do the rest:

With the ball trapped under the bullpen benches, Hicks was given a ground-rule double, and he came around to score the Yankees' first run one at-bat later. He might've made it there on his own, but in this case, it was a true team effort.