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Aaron Hicks' throw home to end the game on Thursday was estimated at 98.7 mph, according to Statcast

If you learn anything by the end of this post, learn this valuable lesson: Do not -- and I repeat -- do not run on Aaron Hicks.
In the top of the ninth during the Yankees' 7-2 win over the Royals on Thursday night, Whit Merrifield smacked a base hit to center field. Hicks grabbed it on a hop and without hesitation launched it toward home plate as Alex Gordon was rounding third. And well, this happened:

Gordon was out and the game was over. According to Statcast, Hicks' arm strength was estimated at 98.7 mph, and every bit of that showed.
It was the perfect way to end a game where Sonny Gray dazzled on the mound and the newly acquired Zach Britton worked a scoreless inning in the eighth. 
This was also not the first time Hicks has shown off some serious arm strength. During an A's-Yankees game a couple years back, Hicks threw out Danny Valencia and it was the fastest throw Statcast had ever seen at the time -- it was estimated at 105.5 mph (!). 
Just stop hitting balls near him and you should be fine.