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Aaron Judge handed a Yankees fan a baseball and she could not believe this was real life

Seriously, what can't Aaron Judge do? The Yankees' phenom slugger mashes ridiculous homers, breaks TV screens with his ridiculous homers, makes young fans' dreams come true at their very first game, the list goes on and on and on. 
His latest exploit of awesomeness came during the Yankees' 2-1 extra-inning win over the Rangers on Friday night, and all he had to do was hand somebody a baseball. But by "somebody," we're referring to a young Yankees fan down the right-field line. When he gifted her the ball, she just couldn't believe this was happening to her:

But it was very real, and she's the latest in the ever-growing list of (deliriously) happy folks in awe of Judge's general presence. 
And besides, she brought a handmade sign to the ballpark, and an effort that impressive deserves recognition, too.