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Aaron Judge broke his own record with the hardest-hit homer of the Statcast era

On Thursday, Aaron Judge hit a single. Now, that might not be particularly notable in and of itself, but at the time, it was the hardest-hit ball of 2017, leaving the bat at 119.8 mph. But that record only lasted a few days
During Saturday's 16-3 win over Orioles, Judge thought, "I can do better." Then, a Chris Tillman changeup gave him a chance: 

The ball left Judge's bat at a blistering 121.1 mph, practically leaving a trail of smoke behind it. It's probably the only thing in the world that could beat "The Freeze" in a footrace. 
Not only was Judge's HR the new hardest-hit ball of 2017, it was the hardest-hit homer of the whole Statcast™ era:

Honestly, we expect him to break this record some time next week.