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Adam Jones broke his necklace on a swing and caused a mini-delay

Adam Jones always brings a certain flair to his at-bats, but during the Orioles' 3-1 win on Tuesday night against the Blue Jays, some of the aforementioned flair literally fell into the batter's box.
Jones took a mighty cut on a 2-2 offering from Joe Biagini, fouling the ball off -- no harm done to either side. The only damage done was inflicted upon Jones' own jewelry.

One of the necklaces Jones wore completely fell apart and caused a bit of a mess at the dish. He helped clean up some of it, but home-plate umpire Angel Hernandez needed to do more work than the typical plate dusting.
Manager Buck Showalter had a good laugh about it in the postgame. "There's some teams I've played on in the past that would have a lot of fun with that tomorrow," he said to's Keegan Matheson. "Somebody would go to a costume jewelry place, buy about 15 of those and wear them to batting practice tomorrow. I'm sure for what he paid for it, I'd have stopped and picked it up too."
At least the jewelry did not die in vain -- Jones' at-bat ended in a walk, and he promptly came around to score on a two-run double by Mark Trumbo. Perhaps this was all just Jones' own artistic representation of Run The Jewels.