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Adam Rosales ran harder and faster on a home run trot than most of us ever do in any setting

Adam Rosales has a default setting that is really his only setting: 100 percent, all the time. The scrappy utility man has made a name for himself out on the field thanks to his commitment to the hustle -- so much so that he posted the second-fastest home run trot of the Statcast™ era earlier this season.
Well, he connected on a Madison Bumgarner offering in Saturday night's 9-6 loss to the Giants at Petco Park, launching a two-run shot to left that directly led to a solid impression of the Flash as he blitzed around the bases: 

Blink and you might miss that "trot":

According to Statcast™, Rosales went home-to-home in approximately 15.95 seconds -- a quicker trip than his one from earlier in the season. 
May we all live our lives like Adam Rosales takes his home run sprints.