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Addison Russell kindly replaced a fan's nachos after a foul ball mishap

If there's one thing we've told you over the years, it's this: If your seats are along the first-base or third-base lines, you must protect your food at all times -- but especially if a ballplayer is charging over in your direction, eyes searching the skies for a mid-flight foul ball. A fan named Andrew Gudermuth now serves as the latest example of this situation coming to a head.
On Monday, the Cubs lowered their magic number in the NL Central to just one with a 10-2 win over the Cardinals at Busch Stadium.In the second inning, Cubs shortstop Addison Russell flew into the stands chasing a fly ball, setting this situation in motion. His right foot crashed down to earth, but smacked Gudermuth's plate of nachos on the way, and ... well: 

No foul ball for Russell, and no nachos for that guy anymore. Two pitches later, Jedd Gyorko finished his at-bat with a homer, too. And soon after that, Gudermuth was given a fresh pile of nachos from Busch Stadium staff. 
But there's more: During the break between innings, Russell paid him a visit and they snapped a photo to commemorate the occasion. Behold:

This whole sequence went from a cheesy disaster to a great one, all in a matter of minutes. 

"He had a great night at the ballgame tonight," Russell told's Carrie Muskat after the game. "I saw him catch a few foul balls, too. It's a great night for him."
As for the play itself:
"Initially off the bat, I was thinking I could make the play. I really didn't get a sense of where the fence was. It looked like [Ben Zobrist] wasn't anywhere close. I didn't see the fence and collided with it and got all nacho'ed up."
And the post-spill photo-op:
"Normally, I don't do that but being the case of me being nacho'ed all over and my cleats even, so I was like, you know what, why not? Once in a lifetime experience."
Apparently, manager Joe Maddon suggested they make sure Gudermuth received a new set of nachos.
"You don't get in front of a man and his nachos," explained Russell.