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Yangervis Solarte dives into stands for incredible catch, emerges with glove full of nacho cheese

Sitting along the baselines at the stadium presents fans with a unique opportunity. Being that close to the action, they (presumably) have a more-than-decent chance at a foul ball, especially if assisted by the ballgirl or ballboy. 
Sometimes, fans up against the edge of the field are treated to full-size ballplayers getting up close and personal with them in pursuit of baseballs. That can create the perfect selfie moment or, as happened in the ninth inning of the Padres' 4-1 win over the Giants on Friday, facilitate a comic moment that left everybody smiling. 
Third baseman Yangervis Solarte raced over toward the fence to try and reel in a foul pop off the bat of Ángel Pagán. After reaching in to make the catch, Solarte's momentum carried him into the stands ... and after a few seconds of confusion, he emerged, ball-in-glove. But alas, the glove and ball were both covered with nacho cheese!

Third base umpire Ed Hickox was pretty amused: 

Extra cups of cheese tend to cost extra at the game, so Solarte basically received a tasty reward for his already impressive defensive effort. It may have only counted for one out, but that's basically a double play, one that earned accolades from manager Andy Green (as he told's Carlos Collazo after the game) ... 
"It was a great catch. Couldn't tell if he held it, he might have gotten a hot dog and some mustard in over there. I don't know. I don't know what he went into over there, but I don't think you want to go onto the ground in the first row too often. There's usually a lot of peanut shells and beer and everything else."
 And, also, a toast from the Padres' dugout: