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Addison Russell comes face-to-face with his, um, face shaved into that fan's head

On Friday, we highlighted the young fan who had Addison Russell's face shaved into his head. It was a beautiful display of loyalty and hair-styling that is becoming a trend among the Cubs faithful.
But what if Russell was at the Cubs Con and ran into the youngster? Would he lock eyes with his likeness and turn to stone? Would his brain merge into the drawing and begin talking to people from the back of the boy's head? Would he somehow fall into the mind of the Addison Russell drawing and play baseball in a world full of Addison Russells?

Well, on Sunday, he came face-to-face with the haircut annnndddd ... everything was fine:

We can now conclude that it is safe for every Cubs fan to get a player's face shaved into their hair. Please go do that before the season starts.