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After Adrian Beltre struck out on a stray third strike, he and Max Stassi participated in a staredown

When Adrián Beltré is around, you stop what you are doing and watch because you never know what will happen. And on the week of the one-year anniversary of his hilarious on-deck circle moment, he reminded us why we love him so much.
In the top of the first inning of the Rangers' 7-3 win over the Astros on Saturday, Beltre struck out on a ball in the dirt by Justin Verlander. Astros catcher Max Stassi snagged the ball quickly preparing to put the tag on Beltre, but it turned into a staredown because Beltre wasn't going anywhere:

Who won the battle of wills? Well, Stassi did once Beltre took steps back toward the Rangers' dugout and it appeared Stassi had the resilience to wait all night.
And while you couldn't see Stassi's facial expressions behind his mask, we can almost guarantee there was a smile on his face.