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Elvis Andrus mimicked Adrian Beltre catching a popup ... and Beltre wasn't too happy about it

When you work with someone for eight years, you inevitably get to know that person well. If that person happens to work right next to you, it's more likely than not that you'll develop a relationship that would appear quirky to an outsider.
That is exactly what has happened with Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus. For eight years, they have manned the left side of the Rangers infield together and they have come to enjoy pushing each other's buttons. Well, Andrus certainly enjoys pushing Beltre's.
On Wednesday night, Andrus was up to his old tricks. This time by mimicking Beltre as he caught a popup. Beltre was not amused:

The fake catch next to Beltre is one of the shortstop's greatest hits. Popups in the Rangers infield may be routine, but they're rarely uneventful.