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Adrian Beltre called off Elvis Andrus on a popup with -- what else -- a playful glove tap to the face

When it comes to infield pairs, few are as entertaining as Adrián Beltré and Elvis Andrus ... and they added another chapter to their ongoing highlight reel of antics during the Rangers' 6-4 win over the Astros at Globe Life Park on Friday night. 
As happens many times in these scenarios, it all started with a popup. The ball, smashed high into the sky off the bat of Marwin Gonzalez, led Beltre and Andrus to head in the general direction of its trajectory. Then, Andrus (whom Beltre's referred to as "a kid on the field") basically made an "I've got it!" action, to which Beltre replied with an emphatic "No, you don't," even playfully tapping Andrus in the face with his glove for emphasis: 

Good thing for Andrus' sake he didn't retaliate by touching Beltre's head. Although, that could come into play down the line someday, as it tends to
The saga continues ...