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Watch a supercut of comedic masters Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre having fun with pop flies

Unless a popup comes with the bases loaded, or the infielders find a way to bungle it, a shallow fly ball is pretty much a guaranteed out and not the stuff of high drama. 
Enter the comedic duo of Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre. Like Crosby and Hope, Lewis and Martin or Fey and Poehler, the Rangers infielders are able to bring the sublime to the otherwise mundane. That is to say, they make popups fun:

After pulling off the who's-gonna-catch-it gag twice this weekend, they've proven that their vaudeville routine never gets old -- whether they're lampooning politics with their take on border disputes or are simply reveling in beautiful pantomime
So sit back, click the video above and let the comedic masters do their thing. And then, marvel that they've yet to let one of these pop flies drop in between them.
Though I suppose Beltre would never let that happen.