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Elvis Andrus busts out home run trot on a double, Adrian Beltre is not amused

Over the years, the Adrian Beltre-Elvis Andrus buddy comedy has provided us with endless entertainment. They've bickered like an old married couple. They've messed with each other like brothers. They've touched each other's heads like ... well, like someone who really, really hates having his head touched.
Sometimes, though, it's time to get serious. There are lessons that need to be taught. Like on Tuesday, when Andrus drilled a ball deep to left field, and immediately broke into his home run trot ... only to watch the ball hit off the left-field fence for a double. Then, when Andrus came around to score on a Brett Nicholas double, Beltre responded by shooting him a look that screamed "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed."

Although, to be fair, once you've started literally dividing up the left side of the infield, it's a little difficult to take the moral high ground.