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Adrian Beltre got caught in rundown, so he took the only path out of it

Throughout his career, Adrian Beltre has repeatedly proven that he is going to march to the beat of his own drum. If he doesn't like getting touched on the head, he's not going to pretend to like it just because that's how people celebrate in baseball. If the on-deck circle isn't where he wants to stand, he'll move it so it fits his world.
During Sunday's game against the Astros, Beltre got stuck in a rundown, so he took the baseline and stretched it to where he wanted it to be.

Unfortunately for Beltre, the rulebook doesn't allow players to run wherever they see fit without consequence. So, his unexpected strategy for escaping a rundown was thwarted by those pesky rules. Regardless, this will not likely be the last time Beltre tries to forge his own path on the baseball diamond.