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After getting doubled up at first base, Adrian Beltre ran to the dugout to hug Felix Hernandez

Adrián Beltré and Félix Hernández have seen a lot of each other over their careers. They were teammates on the Mariners from 2005-09 and they have played in the same division since 2011. Every time they face off on the baseball field, they clearly enjoy the moment.
During Sunday's Rangers-Mariners game, the two were at it again. After Beltre was out at first base on a double play, he took a detour on the way to his own dugout to give his old buddy a hug. He's even happy to see his friend after making an out:

"He was talking smack," Beltre said after the game. "And he said, 'come over and give me a hug.' I was right there so why not."
With Beltre heading into free agency this offseason, there's a chance this will go down as their last moment on the same baseball field. If that's the case, at least the two would have made the most of their chance to say goodbye.