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Felix Hernandez struck out Adrian Beltre and had a laugh at his expense

Félix Hernández and Adrián Beltré know each other pretty well. They were Mariners teammates for the first five years of Hernandez's career from 2005-09. After Beltre spent one year with the Red Sox in 2010, they've been division rivals ever since. In fact, Hernandez had faced Beltre 70 times entering Tuesday's Mariners-Rangers matchup. It's no surprise that they engage in some playful banter when they see each other.

In the second inning, Hernandez fooled Beltre with a curveball and had some fun with it as Beltre headed back to the dugout:

The way these two go at it, Beltre will probably never live this moment down. But, he did his best to at least get some revenge. In the sixth inning, Beltre took Hernandez deep for only the second time in their lengthy history.