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Adrian Beltre made a valiant leaping effort to try to field ... a baseball bat

Adrián Beltré is one of the best defensive third basemen in the game, with five Gold Gloves sitting on his mantle attesting to that fact. So, he's used to fielding just about anything he puts his mind to. 
Against the Indians on Friday night, he came up a little short ... when trying to field a baseball bat. Yes, as if he was following a piece of advice from "Dodgeball," (if you can catch a bat, you can catch a ball), Beltre went full extenstion to snag Yandy Díaz's loose lumber: 

While there is nothing in the rule book that says Diaz should be out had Beltre made the play, I hope both teams and the umpires would have agreed that it was the right and proper thing to do. 
Of course, that wasn't Beltre's only moment of glory in the game -- and no, I'm not talking about his RBI double. Naturally, I'm referring to the jig he put on for everyone watching at home: 

Never change, Adrian.