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Adrian Beltre kept playing fast and loose with the rules, but umpire Greg Gibson was there to enforce them

Adrián Beltré is a funny guy. He likes to mess around not only with other players but with on-deck circles as well. During Tuesday night's game between the Rangers and Athletics, Beltre had some lighthearted fun with third-base umpire Greg Gibson.
With one man on and no outs in the top of the second inning, A's center fielder Mark Canha lined a ball to Beltre. Recognizing he might be able to turn two if he didn't catch it, Beltre tried to act like he dropped the ball:

Gibson maintained that it was a catch, and Beltre, knowing that the umpire was hip to his trickery, did all he could do: laugh it off.
In the bottom half of the inning, Gibson once again had to prevent Beltre from playing fast and loose with the rules of the game. With Beltre on first, A's catcher Jonathan Lucroy overthrew Andrew Triggs after a foul ball. With the ball in the outfield, Beltre tried to advance two bases. While Beltre was catching his breath at third, Gibson was right there directing him back to first where he belonged:

It's not fun when your good play doesn't count because the rules don't allow it. But, somehow, Beltre makes being reminded of the rules look like a great time.
Unfortunately, Beltre exited the game in eighth inning with an injury.'s T.R. Sullivan reported that it is a strained left hamstring.