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Even when his pranks fail, Adrian Beltre's antics on the field are highly entertaining

Ah, Adrian Beltre. All ballplayers on the field are on high alert whenever he's around, as it's always an opportunity for antics and hijinks. At any moment, he might do something unexpected -- and always fun.
An important quality of a top-tier entertainer, of course, lies in his or her ability to entertain even if a proposed prank or attempt for humor goes awry. Early on in the Rangers' 13-2 loss to the Astros on Wednesday night, Beltre tried to add another Classic Beltre Moment to his resume when he walked by Nick Martinez in the Rangers' dugout and used his glove to try and flip off his cap ... for no reason other than a laugh. It didn't work ... 

... but was still pretty funny anyway. But, as Mr. Martinez found out first-hand, while he was lucky to not be Beltre's next victim on ballpark silliness, it's obviously very important to be alert at all times whenever he's around.