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Grabbing the grounds crew's broom, Adrian Beltre went to great lengths to avoid a postgame shower

By now, the exploits of Adrián Beltré have reached mythical levels. From faking out fans to amusing send-ups of his teammates' defensive gems to everything else he does on the diamond, the man is a legend. 
One of his favorite pastimes is avoiding the postgame Gatorade bath. He basically reacts to it as if somebody tried to touch his head, so avoidant of the chance that he'll go to great lengths to make sure it doesn't happen. That led to the following zany scene after the Rangers' 70th win of the season, a 5-2 victory over the a's on Monday made possible in large part by Beltre's grand slam

Now, you may be wondering what led to the image above. Yes, that's Beltre, broom in hand, dodging a blue liquid bath from Rougned Odor. Why does he have a big broom? Well, he lifted it from the Rangers' grounds crew during his attempt to evade Odor, Elvis Andrus and their buckets.

Taking time to help the grounds crew do its job while caught up in a Texas stand-off? That Beltre, always so giving.